Meet Our Team

The team behind Ecobloom consists of creators, innovators, visionaries and pragmatists. Our passion for entrepreneurship and product development, combined with our shared vision is the basis for many more innovations to come.

Hamza Qadoumi

CEO | Visionairy

Hamza, with a background in mechanical engineering and a concentration in innovation management and product development, is today responsible of the concept design and product development process of the venture, as well as marketing and branding. He is a graduate student from the Royal Institute of Technology, and is born and raised in the suburbs of Stockholm, Sweden.

Juan Blasco

CTO | Back-end Developer

Juan, with a background in aerospace engineering and systems engineering, is in charge of the system architecture, sensor concept, and software development in Ecobloom. He has a great knowledge in software development and a ton of expertise in sensors and microprocessors. Originally from spain, he is currently pursuing his masters degree at TU Delft, in the Netherlands.

Emil Jansen

CSO | Strategist

Emil, a Dutch strategic designer with an industrial design background, is in charge of developing the short-term and long-term strategic plan for Ecobloom. He is also involved in the product development and is in charge of the illustrations created internally for marketing, as well as web-design. Graduated at the TU Delft and currently living in Stockholm.

Christian Zacherich

Industrial Design Engineer

Christian, an American product design engineer, currently works on the overall design and prepares the EcoGarden for production. With much experience from the toy industry, he has great knowledge in product optimization for mass production and loves overall problem solving.

Nathan Lewis

App Developer

Nathan, with a background in programming and electrical engineering, is today responsible of the app implementation and back-end development. He is a student from Duke University, US and is born and raised in the suburbs of London, England.

Emese Orban

UI/UX Designer

Emese, with a background in industrial design and a concentration in UI/UX design, is today responsible of the interaction and overall design of the mobile application. She is originally from Hungary and graduated at the Óbuda University. Now living in Stockholm, Sweden and proud member of Ecobloom.

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