Memories from London Town – Food Tech Week 2019

And just like that… it’s August. Summer is lingering still but you can almost feel the Fall air, crisping things up and ushering in a new season. In Sweden, we appreciate all of the seasons, but it sure is hard to say goodbye to Summer. So, let’s not! Let’s talk about something that happened way back in May when the whole summer was stretched out ahead of us…

Pitch Stage at London Food Tech Week

In the end of May we got to participate in a really cool event in London, called London Food Tech Week. The event is put on by Yfood and is one of the world’s largest food innovation summits. It lasts a whole week and takes place in many different venues around London. The festival is a great opportunity to learn from established players in the food industry, as well as to connect with young, hungry start-ups like us!

One of the highlights for us was participating in the “Home Day,” where we got to exhibit the EcoGarden and meet a lot of new faces. We explained aquaponics (world’s best conversation starter) and showcased the product as well as guided people to interact with it. Always fun to see how different people engage with the product differently. We also had an opportunity to pitch Ecobloom, making this our …78th pitch this year? You’d think we’re a baseball team with the amount of pitching happening around here.

Ecobloom Booth at London Food Tech WeekFinally, we met with the Swedish Ambassador to Great Britain in his residence in London. We got to join many other leading organizations and start-ups in the FoodTech field to talk about the future of food with the ambassador. It’s nice to know that people in high places are taking notice of the problems we’re seeing in the world, and taking charge. We felt really fortunate to be heard and participate in this event with the ambassador, and FoodTech week in general. Until next time, London!

Ambassador's residence at London FoodTech WeekHamza meets the Swedish Ambassador to Great Britain



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