Summer Events – Smaka på Stockholm & The Big Meet

Happy summer, EcoGardeners! We hope you’ve been taking advantage of the warm days and sunshine to get outside, have some fun, and maybe even grow some food! Up here in Stockholm we have quite long summer days – around 18 hours of light around the solstice on June 21st. We’ve been taking advantage of the long days to keep growing our brand, and introducing the EcoGarden to more and more people.

We’ve had a couple recent opportunities to do just that at local conferences in Stockholm. The first, Smaka på Stockholm (Taste of Stockholm) is one of Stockholm’s largest annual food festivals. It took place June 5th-9th this year. While much of the festival is about sampling food and drinks from some of Stockholm’s most popular restaurants and cafes, there is also a huge sustainability component. Not only does the festival try to conduct itself with the minimum environmental impact, but it also features an educational section known as the Foodtech Village. Think of it as like the Epcot to the festival’s Magic Kingdom. In the Foodtech Village there are vendors of all different stripes, showcasing their products which will help to make the future of food healthier and more sustainable. The vendors are divided into four different categories: zero waste, next-gen food, personalized food and future food city. We participated in the future food city category, in the ranks of other companies making it easier for food to be grown in an environmentally sensible way.

EcoBloom logo at Smaka på Stockholm

At our booth we showed off the latest EcoGarden prototype, and answered questions about how it works and what its benefits are. We met with thousands of people and the interest and feedback was amazing! We feel more than ever that this is the perfect time for this product, and can’t wait to make it available to you so soon! 

EcoBloom booth at Smaka på Stockholm

EcoGarden at Smaka på Stockholm

At the end of the Smaka på Stockholm event, we were invited to participate in the business-side of the food revolution, which is an event called The Big Meet. The Big Meet puts together panels on important topics regarding the future of food, moderated by experts in the industry. It was the perfect opportunity for us to network with key players in the industry, and be able to better customize our solutions to the problems the world is facing. As a part of the pitch side of the event, our CEO Hamza was also able to pitch Ecobloom to a crowd of future converts, on the coolest, most eco-friendly stage we’ve ever seen. Match made in heaven!

Panel at The Big Meet

Pitch Stage at The Big Meet

We continue to be so energized by these fantastic events we get to be a part of, and it just fuels the excitement that we have to get this product to launch. Summer has been good to us here, and there’s still one month to go. Enjoy the sun and keep good things growing!



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