Happy September, EcoGardeners! It’s nowhere close to Christmas but it sure does feel like it around here because we just got the best present in the mail… the latest and FINAL EcoGarden sample!

ecogarden in a boxIt sure has been a long time coming but, like they say, the best things are worth waiting for! And this prototype is no exception. With the latest version seen below, we bring you an improved tank design allowing for more light and greater visibility, larger grow beds allowing for easier planting, a more ergonomic handle design and even possibilities for wallpaper! And what better way to see for yourself than through a YouTube demo with CEO Hamza?!

EcoGarden Demo

Next Step: Production

We know you’ve been patiently waiting for your EcoGardens, and this latest sample brings us one step closer to delivering them to you! Now that we have an approved design, we will enter into the production process, and hope to have them in your hands sometime this fall. As Hamza says in the video, unfortunately it is hard to guarantee a specific delivery date because the production is largely out of our control. But know that we are working as hard as we can to get the EcoGarden out to you all as soon as possible. You’ve been so patient and supportive as we perfect the prototype, and we want to thank you for that – we have the best backers.

Feedback, Please!

We’d love to know – what do you think of the latest design? Are you loving the totally transparent look of the tank, or more into the practicality of the grow beds? And most importantly, what do you want to see for wallpaper??! We’re all ears, and would love to hear from you to make this your product.

Well that’s it from us for now! We’re off to make sure this world-class aquaponic solution gets produced right, and that it will soon be Christmas on your doorstep as well as ours. Please check out the full update on Indiegogo and Kickstarter, and let us know what feedback you have by leaving a comment below or finding us on Instagram or Facebook. Until then, keep growing smart!

ecogarden prototype


ecogarden prototype




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