Meet the Team: Jayanth Venkatachala

Howdy Ecobloomers! It’s Friday again and that means we have a new post in the Meet The Team blog series, where we’ve been featuring weekly Q&As from the team members at Ecobloom. Up this week is our newest team member, Industrial Designer Jayanth! Let’s get started!


What is your name?
Jayanth Venkatachala

What is your background? Where are you from?
I am from India. I have a background in Mechanical Engineering and am currently studying Industrial Design at KTH.

What is your role at Ecobloom? Describe it as if you were describing it to a 5-year old.
I am the Industrial Designer. I identify problems in the world and design moral, efficient, sustainable and nice looking products to solve them.

What is your favorite memory from your time at Ecobloom thus far?
The day I joined Ecobloom. I was super excited about the work and to meet the others. To top it off, we moved to our new office the same day. It was a new milestone for everybody I think.

What is the best thing about working for a startup?
I love the grind and the responsibility to hold up my end. Also, I get to learn and do a lot of different things out of my comfort zone.

What are you most looking forward to happening at Ecobloom in the future?
We will be starting the production of EcoGarden soon, that’s exciting. And, what I am most looking forward to in the future is that Ecobloom becomes a major contributor in solving the food crisis that is bound to occur.

If you were an herb, which one would you be, and why?
Coriander. Its (leaves, stems, seeds) usage is very versatile in cooking. It adds nuance to the flavour of the dish which people either love or hate depending on their predisposed opinion.

What is your favorite thing about the Ecogarden?
If you look at it with a scientific lens, it is a very good representation of a circular economy. Adults and children alike can be educated about it using the EcoGarden. Also it shows that life can ‘thrive’ only in a delicately balanced system, which I think we humans have taken for granted.

Where would you like to take a business trip someday?
San Francisco. I could also cross off watching Golden State Warriors play live, from my bucket list 🙂

What is a personal hobby of yours that your coworkers would be surprised to know about?
I spend a lot of time listening to podcasts and audiobooks about science, politics, philosophy and comedy. And I sketch and paint with different mediums.

Thanks for helping us to get to know you better, Jayanth! We’re so excited to have you on board saving the world with us 🙂 And when we’re needing coriander recipes, we know who to call!



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