What’s Been Going On So Far – A 2020 Update

After what felt like one really long day, this crazy year is almost over; but we wanted to let you know that we’re still here and we won’t be going away any time soon! Much like the rest of the world, we at Ecobloom have been focused on riding the wave and surviving everything 2020 has been throwing at us in the best ways we can. Since our last blog post here, almost a year ago, many things have been changing and if you are in the Kickstarter and Indiegogo community where we post updates more frequently you may have an idea on some of the different things that have been going on.

To start with, we have been expanding our team with new members for plant biology, brand and marketing, and other super secret stuff you’ll know more about soon, all very exciting. On October 19th, we also started to move to a new office in the heart of Stockholm city. Besides running Ecobloom the team has also been discovering hidden talents within minor construction work and interior design. The location is a perfect and convenient spot going to and from anywhere in Stockholm; with the city hall, old town and lots of cool places just right outside our doorstep. We anticipate that some of you, our customers and supporters located in Stockholm get to join us for exciting events to come in the future ;). 

One last thing! 

Sit tight. The upgraded, and in our opinion, the best version of the EcoGarden (There are 7 versions) since the launch is coming to you before you know it! We promise it’s absolutely worth the wait.



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