What fishes can i have in my ecogarden? a quick 30L guide

what fishes can i have in my EcoGarden?

1. Shrimps

Although it might not do much for your plants if they’re the only species present, some shrimps and snails could be a nice addition in your EcoGarden to help maintain the cleanliness. Shrimps generally don’t have a huge bioload and are smart when it comes to controlling their own population. This is determined by space and food availability. Shrimp will eat nearly anything from leftover food that could make the tank dirty, to algae and dead or living plants that may fall in from the grow beds.

what fishes can i have in my EcoGarden?

2. Snails

Similarly, aquarium snails kept in your EcoGarden may help regulate the calcium coming from your grow medium which is a nutrient they need anyway; in addition to help keeping your tank clean. What they eat is similar to what shrimps consume. Take note of the species however, should you decide to keep snails in your EcoGarden to avoid an uncontrolled population increase (Ask your local aquarium stores and see what your options are.)

what fishes can i have in my EcoGarden?

3. Fish list:

Summarized here is a list of fishes suitable for your EcoGarden according to our local fish expert – We highly suggest to double check with yours as well including which types of fish can be housed together should you choose to do that. Take note that the EcoGarden is not made for or suitable for a breeding setup

  • 1 Betta fish (also known as the Siamese fighting fish, these beautiful fishes must not be kept with other male bettas)
  • 3-5 guppies (not for breeding)
  • 10 green neon tetras
  • 6-10 chili rasbora
  • Pea puffer / dwarf puffer fish (do not keep with other species)

So what fishes can I have in my EcoGarden? A safe rule of thumb is to keep one-inch of fish per two gallons of water. The EcoGarden is a 30-liter aquaponics system, hence why we only recommend a limited amount and specific species of aquaculture. Keep in mind that it is an aquaponics system, meaning it has many more filters than a normal aquarium which allows the water to flow and recirculate more efficiently.

Find out more answers about the EcoGarden on our FAQ page:



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