spring with the ecobloom team

If you’re following us on social media or have been in contact with us, you have an idea of what we’ve been up to but here is a blog post to tell you about it anyway. At the moment, the team magicians are working on quality control, testing the EcoGarden parts, app, and preparing everything you’ll need to start growing. We want to ensure you have an outstanding experience and that everything works. For the past 2 years, since the crowdfunding campaigns, we have been committed to developing and updating the EcoGarden in order for you to have the best possible version available today. The EcoGarden has gone through 8 different design and engineering improvements. It is a work of art.

See your army of EcoGardens below

Although being a part of a startup at this stage means some late nights for us, and long waits for our amazing community of urban farmers, the start of spring is getting us all excited about growing, harvesting, and all things plants (though you can do this all year with the EcoGarden, theres something special about the sun finally showing up especially up here in Sweden 😂 ).


we have A FEW extra EcoGardens that are available to purchase in this production batch for a limited time.


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Ecobloom Goes to the UAE! 🚀

Ecobloom sets foot in the Middle East’s CEA sector with a groundbreaking collaboration. Partnering with one of the first vertical farms in the UAE, Ecobloom