watch our ceo hamza qadoumi and get inspired on disney+

If you’re a Disney+ subscriber or are looking for more reasons to be one, here is another. On a recently released documentary with National Geographic called OWN THE ROOM, centered around a global student entrepreneur competition in Macau, Ecobloom’s very own CEO Hamza Qadoumi participated in and was featured alongside other individuals from all over the world with interesting backgrounds. We won’t spoil much for you but watch it here and you tell us 🤩 !

Ecobloom CEO National Geographic

With Ecobloom as a brand and a company being only 2 and a half years old, competitions, accelerators, and many other events like this are a huge part of our journey. Though starting something from the ground up is a lot more difficult than perfecting something that already exists, learning experiences such as this one (with a grand prize of $100,000 to change the world) that did not really exist before provide not only inspiration to aspiring entrepreneurs to reshape our future but also a platform to share our vision.

Hamza Qadoumi Disney
Hamza Qadoumi owning the room


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