Zero waste fertilizers at 0 cost: Benefit from something you would’ve thrown out anyway

Provide organic nutrients for your plants, zero cost with no harmful environmental impacts from store bought/chemical fertilizers.

Zero waste fertilizer 1: Eggshells can be a great source of  calcium for your plants which helps them build healthy cell walls. To use them, rinse, dry, and crush the eggshells. After that the eggshells can then be mixed into the soil to help the plants absorb the nutrients they provide.

Zero waste fertilizer 2: Banana peels are rich in potassium, magnesium,  phosphorus and calcium which can help your plants grow strong roots, help them regulate and absorb other nutrients, as well as support healthy photosynthesis. One way to use them as a fertilizer is to boil the peels and use the water after it has cooled down as liquid fertilizer. Another way is to dehydrate, pulverize or chop up the peels and bury them into the soil. Soaking, chopping, or grinding makes the nutrients more readily available and easier for plants and facilitates quick breakdown of the peel.

Zero waste fertilizer 3 and 4: Nutrients that help promote plant growth such as calcium, copper and nitrogen are naturally found in the byproduct of these beverages. Tea leaves and coffee grounds can either be sprinkled on top or put directly into the soil in small amounts. Alternatively, these can also be diluted or added to your compost and be used as liquid fertilizer.

Zero waste fertilizer 5: Although “dirty” fish tank water isn’t healthy for fish, it is extremely beneficial for plants since it contains many nutrients and bacteria that help your plants thrive. However keep in mind of any additional chemicals you might be adding into your fish tank, then it is best to use this water for plants you don’t plan on eating. For you who have an EcoGarden, do save the 20% of water you take out and replace every two weeks and use it to water any other plants you have at home!



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