delivery – ecobloom in sweden: in between fun and chaos.

This weekend and last weekend with Ecobloom has been dedicated to deliveries in our home base/country, Sweden. Since our EcoOffice is located in the center of Stockholm, backers living nearby received a nice surprise with their EcoGardens personally handed over by the team with Hamza, our CEO on the driver’s seat. In the coming days, there will also be visits to other cities within Sweden, but there will be also some where we would now need the help of shipping providers to get your EcoGardens to you stay tuned.

If you are following us on our social media channels, you have seen the fun chaotic snippets of our life at Ecobloom, but all we can say is that it’s extremely surreal to see the EcoGardens set up and fully functioning in our crowdfunding backers homes, which was once just an idea and 2 plastic buckets by a window. That being said, worldwide deliveries are set to happen very soon although we are unable to give an exact date, we are and will continue to be making sure to keep everyone constantly updated.

video reel from our Instagram page @ecobloom.se – follow us, for lots of cool content if you haven’t already 🙂

On another note, we would also like to remind everyone to take care and practice the necessary recommendations to keep ourselves and everyone around us safe. If you’re someone who is interested in getting the EcoGarden and reading this right now, there are easter eggs hidden all over the website that will give out discount codes that can be applied upon checkout. Take the chance as soon as possible, these fun surprises will only be valid until Easter Sunday.

-Team Ecobloom



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