Food Tech World Summit – Food 4 Future

On June 2021, Ecobloom had the honor of being a part of the Food 4 Future: Feed the unexpected expo, also known as the food tech world summit in Bilbao, Spain. During this conference, Ecobloom’s representative has been able to gain insight on how farming is done today, and what farming can be in the future. This all in all is a relevant and insightful learning experience for Ecobloom’s current and upcoming products and services to be released in the near future. In this event, speakers and participants at the food tech world summit connected with people who share a similar grand vision, from farmers, industry leaders and politicians. Several talks given by agriculture tech experts on how we can create a better future for food has and will continue to motivate and lead us on our journey of reshaping the future of food both from improving the lifestyle of individuals and making an impact within the large scale farming industry as a whole… But that’s all we’ll say for now. Here is an image gallery from the event:



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