The Scandinavian roots of Ecobloom

  1. Way of life – Some words or “concepts” that have fascinated a good amount of people in recent times are “hygge” “lagom” and “koselig” to name a few. Something these have in common is the feeling of contentment. A cozy, gentle and happy way of life that is an important part of living, maintaining comfort, peace and balance. More than a trend and fluffy words used to describe scented candles and weighted blankets, these are states of being that The Scandinavian roots of Ecobloom and our heritage wishes and aims to do justice to, for every single one of you who create this feeling in your spaces through our physical product offerings.
  2. Design characteristics – Clean, simple, and functional without sacrificing beauty. Some distinguishable Scandi design characteristics consist of natural materials that make one feel like bringing the outdoors in (with a smart micro-farm/ ecosystem maybe?) and a sense of calm. Scandinavian design in our eyes remain timeless that serve purposes other than looking nice. 
  3. Innovation – More than IKEA and meatballs, Sweden (and Scandinavia as a whole) has been known for being a trendsetter when it comes to innovative concepts. Stockholm alone is gaining a reputation of being Europe’s start-up capital and producers to billion-dollar tech companies. Although it’s a lesser known and newer part of the mores compared to our design and taxes it is something that we take pride in as a part of our identity as a brand 

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