Virtual fika with ecobloom’s early crowdfunding backers

Last Thursday, a group of our very first supporters from crowdfunding (all the way back in 2018, when Ecobloom first started out as an idea) gathered together to join some of our team members on a cozy little after work virtual fika. For some context, fika is something ingrained in the Swedish culture. It is a cozy moment or a break taken at any time of the day while enjoying fikabröd (in some cases, special fika pastries are seasonal such as Lussekatt around the winter season or Semla, which is one of the pastries that has it’s very own day) + coffee. This is to take the time to enjoy the company you are with and be in the moment.

On this live online event with some of our friends, we talked all things Ecobloom, the near future, what it’s like to be a crowdfunding backer and working in a startup that began in the middle of a pandemic; besides just spending time together and getting to know each other. We had the privilege of learning more about backing crowdfunding projects from one of our lovely community members, who sometimes refer to as the amazing super backer (if you’re reading this hi, you know who you are, we have so much appreciation for you). Besides that, a lot co-creating future ideas, brainstorming updates and features happened during this time and as always, our inbox is open for all kinds of crazy amazing innovative solutions. This session may have also included an extremely satisfying excel sheet with graphs and timelines from different crowdfunding campaigns and project deliveries, which we at the team absolutely relate to.

But with all that being said this is definitely the first of many community activities. More planned for the future, and hopefully we get to be with you all in person soon enough. Being around you all feels incredibly energizing and is such an amazing source of positive energy and support. Stay tuned for more!



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