Using new technologies in a historically traditional industry

Implementing the use of new technologies in a historically traditional industry such as farming often requires a long adjustment period (if new practices are adapted at all!). Indoor farms now however, have been changing the way we grow. Nowadays there are new indoor farms being built from city to city. This lets us grow more locally, shorten the supply chain, and keeps the crops safe from the unpredictabilities of climate change. Although this is the case, more often than not, the guesswork frequently done in indoor farming and rising energy costs cause a new set of unique issues to arise.

Solutions like EcoSense™ help farm owners and farmers make more sustainable, at the same time also profitable choices with its insights and analysis. Act quickly and confidently with real time updates, ensuring that your crops are at its optimal health conditions at all times, otherwise you would be alerted and given action steps when anomalies occur and how to avoid further damage. Waste gets turned into extra yield resulting in a chain reaction of positive results such as additional income, saving and better optimized energy usage.

Why is it necessary to disrupt existing working patterns that have so far seemed to work, feed some people and keep farming businesses afloat? Although we will always need food and working practices may not change, the conditions we live in will continue to do so. We can take the time to learn during these adjustment periods or gradually get discontinued. Investing in services that provide value from day 1 and learn from your farm over time help you future-proof your farm. With using EcoSense™ this looks like a user-friendly dashboard that reduces the adjustment time it will take to learn how to use new technologies and practices. As a result you are able to

  • Minimize/anticipate risk while making purpose driven and informed actions.
  • Perform reduced manual work for better and more consistent results.
  • Gather, process and analyze your farm’s data faster and more uniformed.
  • Prioritize work that give your farm the ideal results you want instead of guesswork.



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