Ecobloom connects at Stockholm Tech Live

Stockholm Tech Live banner

Stockholm Tech Live is a grand event consisting of an exhibition floor, and a world-class conference. Here you meet over a hundred innovative exhibitors and activities that will lead and develop the transformation of the future through new technology as well as over two hundred speech sessions. During this event, you you get the tools to help you move your digitization strategy more expansively and its impact on the world.

Ecobloom was honored to present EcoSense at this event thanks to Connect. We, along with many other incredible people that drive development through new technology, took part in sharing insights on innovations and future visions.

Connect is a non-profit private initiative that helps companies grow and develop. They them with skills, contacts and capital from the business community. They provide and Investment Readiness program for companies that may need capital or also strategic help to be able to take the next step and grow faster and better.

While presenting EcoSense, we highlight global challenges such as, half of all crops being produced going to waste, diminishing farmable land, 68% of the population set to be living in urban areas, as well as the continuous growth of our population (set to be around 10B by 2050!!!). Of course EcoSense also helping these challenges, hand-in-hand with indoor farms.

Ecobloom CEO, Hamza Qadoumi presenting EcoSense at Stockholm Tech Live
Nordic future food 2022 exhibit within Stockholm Tech Live



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