A brief introduction to Micro climates for indoor farmers

Micro climates are sections in your farm that help us identify and pinpoint different events happening to each of your crops. Upon installing the environmental sensors and multispectral cameras, this is something Ecobloom maps out and creates for you. For vertical farms, one shelf could have 2 (or more) micro climates for example.

On the EcoSense dashboard, you are able to view specific environmental parameters in each micro climate such as CO2 levels, VPD, PAR, humidity and temperature. When you are sent notifications of any deviations, (an example of this is if temperature runs extremely low in one section of your farm or growth rate is not consistent to the rest of a batch) you would know exactly where to go and fix the problem, saving you hours from manually going around your entire farm. Not seeing the issue soon enough and infecting a large amount of your crops which leads to food waste may also happen

Micro climates, help you as an indoor farmer identify and recreate optimal growing conditions. You decide what this means for you, or talk to us about plant health. Outcomes of an optimal growing condition could be from size of leaves to the speed of growth. In the long run, being able to assess your farm per micro climate, or consult with the Ecobloom team will help you optimize your energy usage due to light and heating.



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