Building Facility Ventilation Strategies

Creating uniform optimal growing conditions by strategic equipment placement ​

Creating homogeneous growing conditions throughout the facility allows farmers to achieve consistent results every cycle. However, this is hard to achieve for two reasons. One, indoor climate is a dynamic system, and second, it is impossible to know how the conditions vary at different parts of the facility with just one sensor box in the middle of the facility, which is a common practice currently. 

With our Air Nodes and Camera Nodes, we break down the farm into multiple micro climates. This allows a farmer to compare growth of plants in different sections of their farm, identify best results and recreate the conditions throughout the farm to improve yields. This can be done through our dashboard where the micro climates are represented as heat maps where you can perform historical comparison of different growing conditions and their result on the growth and health of plants. You can set optimal ranges for each parameter and get notified on the dashboard when they go out of range so you can take focused actions to resolve the issue and prevent crop loss. 

One of our customers effectively used the heat maps and historical graphs features to identify best positions for their new ventilation fans to achieve more homogeneous growing conditions throughout the facility and the plants in the previously lacking micro climates seem to love it. Now they are seeing consistent results throughout the facility.



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