Increasing Crop Cycles and Preventing tip burn

Plant maturity tracking and harvest notification​

Everyone understands the importance of harvesting crops on time. It allows farmers to sell their crop at their best condition while meeting the stipulated standards such as height and weight. However, if not harvested on time, the crops deteriorate and/ or consume resources (space, energy and nutrients) which lead to unnecessary economic loss. Harvesting at the correct time can also help reduce cycle length, which can even lead to achieving extra growing cycle(s) per annum, which increases profits. 

With our multispectral cameras we track the growth of plants and how healthy they are. When plants are ready to be harvested, you get notified on our dashboard along with where exactly these plants are within your growing facility. With our analysis, we can also help determine what is the best cycle length for your crops, given that there are real life limitations dependent on the sophistication levels of the control systems of every farm. 

With one indoor farmer we work with, we helped reduce their cycle length for growing lettuce by 2 days and avoided tip burns in doing so. Not only did this reduce wastage and OPEX costs, it allowed them to gain 24 more days per year to increase their number of crop cycles and increase profits.



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