Event: All about multispectral imaging

On January 24, 2023, Ecobloom hosted the first virtual event, EcoTalks, all about multispectral imaging. During this event, attendees learned more about this tool that identifies problems before the human eye can, and quickly resolve issues that may have eventually led to crop waste and lost revenue. This event provided an opportunity to interact with this new cutting edge agricultural technology and gain deeper knowledge on the science behind how it works and what it does. Experts from the Ecobloom team discussed how to best implement and adapt to changes in the indoor farming world, including cutting energy costs, training growers and farmers while making the most out of the technology available today. 

Speakers from the Ecobloom team (left to right) Robyn, Darren, Hamza, Jayanth

Multispectral imaging can be used for identifying sickness in crops, growth tracking, optimizing energy usage in indoor farming, and even helping out with any algae issues. This technology is used in EcoSense, where you can book a demo upon request.

If you missed out on this event, you can re-watch the entire session via the button below



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