Lighting, Wavelength & Photoperiod Strategies

Nära Sverige (formerly Urban Oasis) is a Swedish company setting an example for sustainable, local food production. Specializing in vertical farming, they utilize innovative techniques to cultivate crops in a controlled environment, optimizing resource use and minimizing the ecological footprint. Their cutting-edge facilities enable year-round production of extremely tasty, fresh, pesticide-free vegetables and herbs, regardless of weather conditions. Nära’s commitment to sustainability extends beyond their cultivation methods; they prioritize distribution, reducing food miles and waste. With a mission to revolutionize how we grow and consume food, Nära is leading the way towards a greener, more efficient future in agriculture, ensuring locally sourced, nutritious produce for communities all across Stockholm.

IVL, the Swedish Environmental Research Institute, is a prominent organization dedicated to advancing sustainability and environmental solutions. With a rich history, IVL is at the forefront of research, innovation, and policy development in Sweden. They work collaboratively with government, industry, and academia to address pressing environmental challenges, from climate change to pollution control. IVL’s multidisciplinary team of experts conducts research, provides consultancy services, and evolves sustainable technologies to create a cleaner, more resilient future. Committed to evidence-based solutions, IVL plays an important role in shaping Sweden’s environmental policies and fostering a greener country.

The collaboration between Ecobloom Technologies, Nära Sverige, and IVL represents a powerful synergy of expertise and resources in the pursuit of sustainable indoor farming practices. By combining Ecobloom’s cutting-edge AI-driven crop monitoring system with Nära’s advanced vertical farm and IVL’s environmental research capabilities, we are equipped to find new solutions for the CEA industry.

EcoSense optimizes resource utilization while maximizing crop yields. It helps enhance crop health through precise monitoring, resulting in consistently high quality produce. IVL’s environmental insights further ensure these practices align with sustainability goals.

Ultimately, this partnership empowers growers with real-time data, actionable insights, and sustainable practices, creating a model for the future of CEA that benefits both the industry and the planet.

This ongoing research project focuses on enhancing resource utilization and energy efficiency in vertical farming. IVL, together with representatives from the University of Bologna are conducting experiments involving various lighting designs, such as altering photoperiod, light intensity, adjusting lighting wavelengths and recipes to maximize quality and productivity. Through these trials in Nära’s farm, using EcoSense, we aim to gain insights into optimizing yields, introducing new species, and potentially conserving energy and resources.

The Power of Three: Ecobloom, Nära, and IVL

At Ecobloom, we firmly believe in the transformative power of collaboration. Our partnership with Nära and IVL stands as a testament to our commitment to excellence. Together, we’re advancing the frontiers of indoor farming technology, ensuring that our innovations are not only groundbreaking but also thoroughly vetted and trusted by leading experts in the field.

EcoSense: Expert-Endorsed Crop Monitoring

EcoSense, developed in close collaboration with industry experts, offers unparalleled crop monitoring capabilities. Our multispectral imaging cameras, designed with input from the researchers, are meticulously calibrated to track and predict crop health and growth throughout their lifecycle. This level of precision and rigor is what sets EcoSense apart.

Consistency Through Collective Wisdom:

The expertise of our collaborative partners extends beyond the technology itself. Together, we offer comprehensive training and support to bridge knowledge gaps, ensuring that your indoor farming operations are consistent and efficient. With farm insights and research capabilities, we provide you with the tools and know-how needed to succeed in scaling up your operations.

For those of you operating vertical farms, rest assured that EcoSense’s capabilities extend to every corner, shelf, and row. With precision monitoring aided by real time insights, your vertical farm can thrive like never before.



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