EcoSense AI Helps Kabbarps Trädgård Achieve Perfect Basil

The is an article by Dagens Industri, originally published in Swedish. This is a summarized English version for our international readers. To view the original article, click here

Updated: April 21, 2024

In their pursuit of perfect herbs, Kabbarps Trädgård is harnessing the power of artificial intelligence (AI). “With AI, we can monitor the condition of every plant, something not possible with the naked eye. We’ve seen great results and are now moving from the testing phase to full implementation in all our greenhouses,” says Peter Säll, CEO of Kabbarps Trädgård.

Nestled just outside Malmö, Kabbarps’ greenhouses are filled with the aroma of fresh herbs like basil, thyme, and coriander. Inside the greenhouses, small nodes and cameras are strategically placed to capture plant images every fifteen minutes and measure various environmental factors like humidity and light. These images and data are then analyzed by AI to provide detailed insights into each plant’s health and optimal harvest times.

Kabbarps Trädgård is one of Sweden’s top five herb growers, supplying around 100 stores and several wholesalers primarily in southern Sweden. The company faced significant challenges when energy costs soared due to the 2022 gas price hike. Instead of scaling back, they decided to innovate by investing in new technology, including AI.

Kabbarps Garden AB:

  • Owners: Dafej Invest (91%), Peter Säll (9%)
  • 2023 Revenue: 23 MSEK (preliminary)
  • 2023 EBITDA: 0.0 MSEK (preliminary)
  • Employees: 15

The company invested in a new pellet boiler, a solar park, and a water system. Most notably, they became the first greenhouse grower in Sweden to implement an AI system to enhance efficiency. This AI system helps determine the precise harvest time and early detection of pest infestations, significantly improving productivity by about 20% in the areas where it was tested.

Kabbarps Trädgård collaborates with Ecobloom Technologies, a specialist in AI-driven systems for indoor farming. During a recent visit, Ecobloom’s team installed additional cameras and nodes in another greenhouse. CEO Hamza Qadoumi explained how the AI system works: data from the hardware is sent to Ecobloom’s cloud servers for analysis, and Kabbarps can view real-time results to make informed decisions.

Peter Säll’s Tips for Successful AI Implementation:

  • Start Small: AI hardware is expensive. Begin with a small scale to understand the system and expand once you see the benefits.
  • Take the Leap: AI can seem daunting, but it’s essential to progress rather than stand still.
  • Consider Your Staff: Ensure your team understands that AI is a complement, not a replacement, to their roles.

As more indoor growers in Sweden take note of Kabbarps’ success, the adoption of AI in horticulture is poised to grow. Kabbarps Garden’s innovative use of AI sets a new standard for efficiency and productivity in the industry.



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