We are with one of Sweden’s largest vertical farms!!

We are excited to share our latest endeavor: a partnership with one of Sweden’s largest vertical farms. This collaboration marks a significant step forward in the evolution of vertical farming, thanks to the integration of EcoSense into their vertical farming facilities.

We believe that vertical farming plays one of the biggest roles in meeting the escalating demand for fresh, locally sourced produce. By being in the vertical space and utilizing advanced cultivation methods, we can continue to  grow crops in urban settings, with extreme winters such as Sweden, while  slashing the need for extensive transportation and curbing environmental impact.

EcoSense technology is at the forefront of indoor farming, offering real-time monitoring and valuable insights into crop health, environmental conditions, and resource management. By making the most of EcoSense, our partner farm can fine-tune growing conditions, minimize water and energy consumption, and optimize crop yields, ensuring a steady supply of top-notch produce year-round.

EcoSense is crafted to equip farmers with the tools needed to thrive in today’s agricultural landscape. By seamlessly integrating EcoSense into their indoor farming operations, our latest Swedish partner can uphold their commitment to delivering exceptional produce while making sustainability and efficiency a priority.

Our advanced sensors and software bring our new vertical farming partner with comprehensive data on plant health, growth rates, and environmental factors, granting precise control over cultivation conditions. This level of insight empowers the farm to yield fresh, nutrient-dense crops.

With EcoSense, our vertical farming partner can refine their growing practices, resource use, and consistently provide top-tier produce to their customers.

This partnership between Ecobloom and one of Sweden’s leading vertical farms highlights the up and coming role of technology in agriculture and the transformative potential of indoor farming in reshaping our food systems. Together, we are spreading innovation, sustainability, and excellence in the vertical farming sector.



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