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Building Facility Ventilation Strategies

Creating uniform optimal growing conditions by strategic equipment placement ​ Creating homogeneous growing conditions throughout the facility allows farmers to achieve consistent results every cycle. However, this is hard to achieve for two reasons. One, indoor climate is a dynamic system, and second, it is impossible to know how the conditions vary at different parts …

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Increasing Crop Cycles and Preventing tip burn

Plant maturity tracking and harvest notification​ Everyone understands the importance of harvesting crops on time. It allows farmers to sell their crop at their best condition while meeting the stipulated standards such as height and weight. However, if not harvested on time, the crops deteriorate and/ or consume resources (space, energy and nutrients) which lead …

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How We Cut Energy Costs and Improved Crop Quality In a Vertical Farm ​

Daily Light Integral (DLI) optimization DLI is the amount of usable light plants receive throughout a day. Vertical farms heavily depend on artificial lighting (LED lamps) to provide light to plants and it is one of the biggest contributors to the OPEX of running an indoor farm. In the current economic environment, cutting down energy …

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Lighting, Wavelength & Photoperiod Strategies

Nära Sverige (formerly Urban Oasis) is a Swedish company setting an example for sustainable, local food production. Specializing in vertical farming, they utilize innovative techniques to cultivate crops in a controlled environment, optimizing resource use and minimizing the ecological footprint. Their cutting-edge facilities enable year-round production of extremely tasty, fresh, pesticide-free vegetables and herbs, regardless …

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