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farm’s performance

Cut costs and increase revenues with the help of your farm's data.
How it works

Continuous monitoring and updates

Our advanced sensors constantly measure the quality of the air, soil and/or water. Data is sent to a central point, which uploads it to the cloud. Interpret the data and analytics from your phone, tablet or computer.

Data + AI = Optimization

By measuring data from your air, soil or water, the EcoSense™ gives you exact advice on how to improve your farm's performance. All the results are visualized on our platform and accessible through the app or web browser.


Temperature (ºC)
Air humidity (%RH)
Air CO2 ( ppm)
Light (intensity, spectrum, duration, intervals)
Light PAR (umol/m2/s)


Temperature (ºC)
Air humidity (%RH)
Air CO2 (ppm)
Substrate volumetric water content (%/%)
Substrate EC (ms/m)
Substrate temperature (ºC)


Temperature (ºC)
Ph (acid or alkaline level)
Electrical conductivity (EC)
Ammonia (µmol/L)

Meet the


Simple. Intelligent. Intuitive.

Armed with sensors and powered by AI, the EcoSense™ will boost your farm’s performance. Never worry about your farm’s health anymore.

Save Yourself Time And Money

Managing and acting upon your data was never so easy. With the intuitive interface of our platform, interpreting data becomes child’s play.

  • Top customer support
  • Free installation
  • Actionable insights
  • Intuitive platform

Affordable Pricing

No upfront costs, only a friendly price per month. Choose from one of our three plans and request your package.




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Up to 3 EcoSenses

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