About our technology

The nodes collect data that is fed to EcoSense™. Designed to be sleek, you will barely notice them working constantly in your farm. If you choose to keep your existing sensors, EcoSense™ can adapt and still monitor your farm to provide you with valuable insights via the dashboard.

air node

  • Temperature
  • Humidity
  • PAR
  • VPD

Water node

  • Temperature
  • pH
  • EC
  • TDS

Camera node

  • Growth rate
  • Disease identification
  • Plant deviations & stress
  • Yield prediction
  • Nutrient analysis

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How it works

The data from your farm is sent to the cloud directly by our nodes and analyzed with EcoSense™ that uses computer vision and machine learning. The insights generated are visualized on our user friendly dashboard, empowering you as a farmer with information to decide the best course of action.

EcoSense™ works, learns and gets better along with you (farmers). After all, human + technology is the dream team that will help grow businesses sustainably and to solve the arising global food security issues.


Our compact and modular hardware can be installed in any type of indoor farm, big or small. No additional local servers or hardware required. Start seeing benefits from day one.

our multispectral camera can detect diseases days before they are visible to human eyes.

What you see

What our cameras detect

EcoSense works with:

Leafy greens

Micro greens





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Packages & prices

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Services include:

Energy review

Cut energy costs while improving your yield. Our team of controlled environment agriculture and technology experts optimize and review where you allocate your energy resources. Work with us on how to best optimize them to get ideal results.

Farm design & optimization

Are you planning on starting a new indoor farm or improving the one you currently have? Get in touch with us for a physical farm design consultation. Optimize lighting and positioning to get the most out of your farm and improve your HVAC systems to get the best results.

Branch networking support

Start your indoor farming journey with us today. Get guidance on different suppliers or relevant companies based on your needs. Together with us, you learn more about happenings will help you grow your farm.