EcoSense Starter Pack

Professional indoor agriculture sensor kit and farm management software

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The EcoSense starter pack gives you a 360 view of your farm using agricultural environment sensors for any type of indoor farm. This packages includes a 6 month license to the EcoSense software system.

Manage your farm on our user friendly dashboard. Monitor micro climates and re create the best growing conditions giving the best results that fit you and your customer’s needs. Get alerts on any anomalies in your farm and avoid events that cause loss of yield. Benefit from accurate harvest and yield predictions with this cutting edge farm management and decision support system. The starter pack is ideal for smaller areas in your farm or R&D facilities. This offer is limited for a short period of time as part of an ongoing campaign. For larger scale farms, the EcoSense+ package is also available upon request.

What you get:

  • Any 4 agriculture sensors of your choice (a combination of air, water, or camera sensors)
  • Initial and monthly consultation on best practices to improve your farm
  • Setup support
  • Full access to the EcoSense dashboard for 6 months – You can also extend your subscription to the software or cancel any time & return the EcoSense sensors

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Description & additional info

Sensor specifications:


  • Growth rate
  • Disease identification
  • Plant health deviations & stress
  • Yield prediction
  • Nutrient analysis


  • Temperature
  • Humidity
  • PAR
  • VPD


  • Temperature
  • pH
  • EC
  • TDS