The team behind Ecobloom consists of researchers, creators, innovators, visionaries and pragmatists. Our passion for entrepreneurship and product development, combined with our shared vision is the basis for many more innovations to come.

Energy review

Cut energy costs while improving your yield. Our team of controlled environment agriculture and technology experts optimize and review where you allocate your energy resources. Work with us on how to best optimize them to get ideal results.

Farm design & optimization

Are you planning on starting a new indoor farm or improving the one you currently have? Get in touch with us for a physical farm design consultation. Optimize lighting and positioning to get the most out of your farm and improve your HVAC systems to get the best results.

Branch networking support

Start your indoor farming journey with us today. Get guidance on different suppliers or relevant companies based on your needs. Together with us, you learn more about happenings will help you grow your farm.

Let us know what you need!

research projects

Recent and ongoing projects on: Robotics integration for helping farms automate food production, computer vision, strategic and graphic design. 

Are you a student or researcher that would like to work with us? get in touch at hello@ecobloom.se