EcoSense by Ecobloom

Helping indoor farmers grow smarter
An intelligent monitoring system to increase yield, profitability and much more...

Optimizing indoor farms

Ecobloom empowers you to make informed decisions with your farm’s data. We aid the growth and expansion of indoor farms by reducing costs and lowering risk. Founded in 2018, Ecobloom has been committed to reshaping the way we grow and consume food. From previously launching an aquaponic micro-farm consumer product globally to creating EcoSense™ for commercial indoor farms. Today we prioritize going straight to the source in order to create a bigger impact in the agriculture industry.

We help you save up to
Labour time
Food waste
EUR/Month in reduced energy costs per 1000m2


EcoSense™ a virtual assistant and intelligent safeguard for your plants. Cut costs and waste using:

  • High resolution micro-climate analysis
  • Crop maturity tracking
  • Harvest and yield prediction
  • Early stress & disease detection
  • 24/7 crop monitoring
  • Alerts & notifications
  • Remote farm control
  • Unique recipie creation

Increase yield & reduce waste

Early stress and disease detection will allow you act immediately and curb loss of crop.

Eliminate manual documentation

EcoSense monitors your crops continuously. Access real-time data and save 1400 hours of labor time/ year.

Increase energy efficiency

Optimize lighting and heating in your farm with our insights and reduce your energy costs.

Improve operational efficiency

With accurate harvest predictions, plan your cycles and logistics better. Reduce idle time.

Achieve consistent outcomes

Create unique recipes for your farm and replicate the conditions for same results each time.

Optimize resource usage

Identify the point of diminishing returns for your crop inputs. Reduce wastage and increase margins.

Monitor your farm anywhere at any time

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