A smart miniature garden and
self-sustaining aquarium.

EcoGarden +

A smart miniature garden and self-sustaining aquarium.

Our Vision

Our vision is to help create a better and more sustainable world for future generations. We want to empower people to grow smarter and more locally, while reconnecting them with nature and enhancing their lifestyle. This idea of doing good and contributing for the better lead to the creation of the EcoGarden.

Join hundreds of growers across the globe and be part of a growing revolution.

500+ users in over 40 countries

You feed the fish, the fish feed the plants, the plants feed you!

The EcoGarden is a combination of a smart mini self-cleaning aquarium and garden. One intelligent ecosystem that is capable of growing a variety of fresh herbs and veggies all year round, without any prior knowledge.

It uses a principle better known as “aquaponics”. This is an ancient growing method that uses fish waste as the nutrient source for the plants. In turn, the plants naturally filter the water which is recirculated back to the fish.
Isn’t that amazing?

manage your ecogarden from anywhere with the mobile app!

Our intuitive mobile application lets you control and monitor the EcoGarden from anywhere in the world. Learn about sustainable farming in a fun and interactive way.

  • Feed the fish automatically or schedule feeding.
  • Control the LED growlight.
  • Monitor the values.
  • Learn about sustainable farming

Augmented Reality

Not sure where to place your EcoGarden? No problem! With our Augmented Reality filter, you can see how or where the EcoGarden fits in your home (or office?) Try it out!

Ecogarden+ and its benefits

Fresh & Organic

Grow and enjoy 100% fresh and organic herbs and vegetables all year round. Completely free from pesticides.

Living Furniture

A beautiful piece of furniture, perfect for kitchen counter or office desk. A great centerpiece for your home.


Since it’s smart, you don’t have to rely on your neighbours to feed your fish or water your plants. It does it for you.


You are always exposed to the relaxing and therapeutic effect of having an aquarium. Boost your well-being!

Fresh Air

The fresh smell and addition of oxygen to your surrounding will contribute to your health.


Grow in a stress-free and soothing environment. Take a break from your daily tasks and pause for a moment.

1 Year Warranty or your money back

365-day grow guarantee. If it doesn’t grow, we’ll reimburse you. If anything breaks within the first year, we’ll replace it!

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