EcoSense by Ecobloom

increasing indoor farming profitability
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Ecobloom transforms the food production process, and more specifically the monitoring and documentation of the crop’s status, in real time. EcoSense acts as a channel to capture all necessary infromation about the crop’s performance throughout its entire lifecycle as well as the environmental conditions it grows in, enabling growers to gain a deep insight into the status of the production process in real time as well as get intelligent predictions about the outcome, such as expected yield, time until harvest, crop waste, and more.


Cost reduction

Cut costs with Ecosense through reduced admin work, manual farm inspection and the need for pest control. Ensure the safety of your farm from events that may lead to yield loss. Cut energy costs from grow lights and heating.

Micro climates

Micro climates are sections in your farm that help us identify and pinpoint different events happening to each of your crops, in their exact location. Micro climates help you recreate optimal growing conditions. View and monitor all environmental parameters in each micro climate.

Harvest management

Create batches on the dashboard and get predictions about harvest dates. Know which batch is ready to be harvested and where exactly it is located in your farm. Get notified of any upcoming events and tasks or receive alerts about anything in your farm that needs your attention.

Plant recipes

Plant recipes let you save and keep track of parameters and nutritional information for different crops. Produce consistent results and compare different results for the same types of crops.


Monitor crop health to detect biotic and abiotic stresses and diseases before human eyes can detect them. Identify root cause of the problem by analysing growing conditions to take preventative actions.

Centralized data

Eliminate the need for manual documentation and excel sheets. All data pertaining to plant growth and environment is safely stored and organized. Access historical data easily and export reports.Your exact farm, visualized in a dashboard within reach at any time.

Alert system

Set custom optimal ranges for your growing conditions and get notified when they go out of range. Also get notified about stressed plants and when they are ready to be harvested.

Increase yield & reduce waste from 10-20%

Early stress and disease detection will allow you act immediately and curb loss of crop.

Eliminate manual documentation

EcoSense monitors your crops continuously. Access real-time data and save 1400 hours of labor time/ year.

cut energy costs up to 25%

Optimize lighting and heating in your farm with our insights and increase efficiency using whats needed.

Improve operational efficiency

With accurate harvest predictions, plan your cycles and logistics better. Reduce idle time.

Achieve consistent outcomes

Create unique recipes for your farm and replicate the conditions for same results each time.

Optimize resource usage

Identify the point of diminishing returns for your crop inputs. Reduce wastage and increase margins.